Mindful Moment: 52 Weeks of Mindfulness Exercises + Reflections

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What is mindfulness? How do I apply it in my daily life? When life gets tough, will it help? When life is good, is there more?

These are questions we often ask. Now, a seasoned Buddhist practitioner and teacher puts mindfulness meditation into context for modern life in the West. The book is structured as a series of 52 weekly topics, in an easily-accessible style that enlivens the deeply-rooted truths of Theravada Buddhism.

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Bonnie Ryan-Fisher is a dedicated lay Buddhist practitioner who leads meditation and yin yoga classes in Whitecourt, AB. She’s also a longtime writer whose recent work inclines toward Dhamma. Bonnie’s first meditation teachers were found in books and her practice began in the 90’s in a great deal of isolation. In 2014, two years after finally founding a sitting group in her hometown, she launched her blog, Mindful Moment (mindful-moment.webnode.com) as a place to share that 20-year journey with others also finding their way. This book emerged simply because it seemed time for the blog to blossom into a book, joining the circle to where it all began.

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“Nothing to Regret

Fear of the unexpected leads many people to live a constricted and anxious life.  No one can know in advance the misfortunes that may happen to us and our loved ones, but if we learn to live in an awakened way, living deeply every moment of our life, treating those who are close to us with gentleness and understanding, then we will have nothing to regret when something happens to us or to them.  Living in the present moment, we are able to be in touch with life’s wonderful, refreshing, and health-giving phenomena, which allow us to heal the wounds in ourselves.  Everyday we become more wonderful, fresh and healthy.

Thich Nhat Hanh”

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