5 day (+ 3 day options) meditation retreat with Ajahn Pavaro June 21 – 25, 2017

The Practice



Five Day

 Meditation Retreat

(combined with/ 3 day options)

June 21 – 25, 2017


Ajahn Pavaro

What would our world look like if we all regularly took the time to reflect on our lives with gratitude?  Please consider joining us for this precious opportunity to practice with this Canadian born Theravadin Buddist Monastic who has been in the robes since 2002.  Under Ajahn Pavaro’s gentle guidance we will be exploring a journey into contentment .

Venerable Pavaro’s encounter with the Buddhist path began in 1980 under the guidance of Anagarika Dhamma Dinna. For many years he combined ardent retreat-going with the academic study of Buddhism and a busy family life. Fully engaged in the early flowering of Buddhism in Western Canada, during the time Venerable Pavaro also meditated within the varied practice environments of such teachers as Ven. Piyadassi Mahathera, Ven. Madewela Punnaji, and Ayya Khema.

Shortly after his journey to the Buddhist holy sites in India with another of his teachers, Ajahn Sobin Namto, in 2001 Venerable Pavaro left a university career in Religious Studies to devote himself to monastic training at Birken Forest Monastery under Ajahn Sona. He later went on to train with his preceptor, Ajahn Pasanno and the community at Abhayagiri Buddhist monastery in California.

Following his time at Abhayagiri, Venerable Pavaro spent the last 6 years in Thailand at the Dtao Dtum, Pah Nanachat and Anandgagiri Monasteries (his current ‘home’).


Providence Renewal Center 3005 – 119 St Edmonton, AB

This meditation retreat is offering residential as well as Non-residential opportunities:


Wednesday June 21 – Sunday June 25th, 2017

Wednesday @ 11:00 am through Sunday June 25th @ noon

Non-residential registration:

Option # 1  Early registration $ 150* ($ 180 after May 15, 2017)

Option # 2  Early registration $ 120*  ($ 150 after May 15, 2017)

Register online at https://ajahnpavaro2017retreat.eventbrite.ca

Residential registration:

Please contact event organizer for the options, pricing and availability.

(*This is a Dana retreat and the donation to the teacher is not included in this fee).

Maximum: 25 Residents and  60 Commuters

Event organizer:

Stephen @ 780-299-8977 or email: sacca@hushmail.com


What can I expect?

Residential: This meditation retreat begins Wednesday Noon (June 21, 2017) and offers meditation instruction, sitting and walking meditation, Dhamma talks and Q & A. The retreat will be observing noble silence except for the talks and Q & A sessions.

Non-residential (commuter): Registrants will have the unique opportunity to join an ongoing meditation retreat and participate fully in the daily schedule without the full time commitment or expense.

All registrants will be sent retreat schedules and guidelines one week before the event.

When can I register ?

Registration is now open. Early bird registration is until May 15th and there are 2 non-residential options available (see above)

If you are interested in the residential retreat – please contact the event organizer.

What is the cancellation policy?

Early bird registrations that are cancelled by April 1, 2017 will receive a 90 per cent refund. Cancellations between April 1 and May 15th – receive a 50 per cent refund. There are no refunds for cancellations after May 15, 2017.

Who do I contact if I have additional questions?

Please e-mail your questions to Stephen ( the event organizer ) at sacca@hushmail.com or 780-299-8977

Have questions about 5 day (+ 3 day options) meditation retreat with Ajahn Pavaro June 21 – 25, 2017? Contact Light of the Dhamma

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“Nothing to Regret

Fear of the unexpected leads many people to live a constricted and anxious life.  No one can know in advance the misfortunes that may happen to us and our loved ones, but if we learn to live in an awakened way, living deeply every moment of our life, treating those who are close to us with gentleness and understanding, then we will have nothing to regret when something happens to us or to them.  Living in the present moment, we are able to be in touch with life’s wonderful, refreshing, and health-giving phenomena, which allow us to heal the wounds in ourselves.  Everyday we become more wonderful, fresh and healthy.

Thich Nhat Hanh”

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